About Us

Here at axe throwing pro we love all that axe throwing represents and we want to see the sport grow.


I'm Cory "Slips"

I'm the owner of axe throwing pro and I want to help axe throwing continue to grow.

Three years ago I threw an axe for the first time it was a good time and drank some drinks and went home. One thing stuck with me though and it was the people. The people who are a part of this community are amazing and so I decided to create this website to highlight their businesses as an effort to help them grow.

Our Purpose

Grow the Industry

We want to help encourage growth to the axe throwing industry by providing the best information we can

Highlight Organizations

We are here to highlight organizations that are helping to foster a community that is friendly and pushing to support one another

Highlight Business

We want to bring to light those who are providing services to the axe throwing community and help them to grow

How Will We Do All This?

By creating content that highlights products, organizations, businesses that are supporting the industry.

We also will answer questions from people who are interested but might be too nervous to ask about how they can get started with the hobby.

Two Axes Crossing

If you are interested in helping us then share the site to others!

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