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We are passionate about the sport of axe throwing and want to provide people with the best information about axe throwing possible.


We review axes

We take the time to test out as many axes that can be thrown as possible to to provide the best in-depth reviews. From old axes to cutting edge (pun intended) hatchets.

We can help you find out what is quality vs trendy and maybe even help you throw that first perfect game with your perfect axe.


We review gear

We get as much axe throwing equipment as we can get our hands on to let you know exactly what cool stuff is out there are try to promote everyone who loves this sport not just the big guys.

Best Throwing Axes

Check out our review of the best axes you can use when throwing competitively. These are great axes for beginners or experts who are looking to try something new

Axe Throwing Equipment

Check out our review of the best axe throwing equipment. We can help you find some great products so it's not just your axe looking sharp.

Best Axe Throwing Sets

Check out our review of the best axe throwing sets. These include everything you need to maintain your gear and throw in any competitive setting.


Who we are here at Axe Throwing Pro

About Me

Who I am

My axe throwing name is "slips"

My actual name is Cory it's nice to meet I'm the owner of axethrowingpro.com. Over the last 2 years I've had the pleasure of getting to know some of the best throwers in the world and have them give me tips and tricks that they use to dominate. We've had one to many drinks together and destroyed some targets. 

Most importantly in that time I realized just how amazing this community is how open and accepting everyone is and I want it to continue to grow. Which is where axethrowingpro.com was born, this is a website all about this sport I've come to love to try and help more people learn about what makes it all so special. 

How do we do that? We highlight businesses, people, and products to help all of them grow!

Cory aka "slips" - Owner

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