What a double bit axe is used for

A double bit axe, also known as a felling axe, is a versatile and durable tool that has been used for centuries by loggers, builders, and other professionals. Unlike a single bit axe, which has only one sharpened edge, a double bit axe features two sharpened edges, one on each side of the head. This design allows the user to flip the axe over and use the opposite edge when one side becomes dull. In this blog post, we will explain what a double bit axe is used for, the main differences between a double bit axe and a single bit axe, and how to choose the right double bit axe.

What is a double bit axe?

A double bit axe is a type of axe that is primarily used for chopping down trees (also known as felling trees). The axe is designed to make precise cuts on the tree trunk and branches with both edges. The weight and balance of the double bit axe makes it easy to control and deliver powerful swings. It can also be used for splitting logs, as well as for general woodworking tasks. The double bit axe is also a versatile tool for wood workers, it can be used for demolition, framing and even for heavy digging work.

Double bit axe vs Single bit axe

The main difference between a double bit axe and a single bit axe is the number of sharpened edges. A single bit axe has only one sharpened edge, while a double bit axe has two. This design allows for a longer lifespan for the tool, as it can be flipped over and used when one side becomes dull. A double bit axe also typically has a longer handle than a single bit axe, which provides greater leverage and power when chopping or felling. Additionally, double bit axes often have a heavier head than single bit axes, which allows for more force to be applied when cutting.

Uses of a double bit axe

By now you probably understand that the main use is for chopping down trees. The axe is also useful for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy camping, hiking and hunting. The double bit axe is a great tool to use for clearing trails and creating firewood. It’s also an essential tool for survivalists and bushcrafters, who rely on the axe to provide them with shelter, warmth and protection.

Other double bit axe uses

In addition to traditional uses double bit axes can also be used for recreational activities such as axe throwing. Axe throwing has become a popular sport and hobby in recent years, and there are specific double bit axe competitions.

These double bit axe throwing competitions require you to throw the axe into a small circular target down range. Since they are designed to be well balanced this makes them perfect for axe throwing. Although there are two sharpened edges it only counts if the leading edge is the one that sinks into the target.

Participating in axe throwing can be a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination and build upper body strength. It’s also a fun and exciting activity that can be enjoyed solo or with friends. Many axe throwing venues and tournaments have emerged in recent years, and offer classes and competitions for people of all skill levels.

Double bit axes are not only used for traditional activities like felling trees and chopping wood, but also have alternative uses like axe throwing.

How to choose the right double bit axe

When choosing a double bit axe, it is important to consider the size and weight of the tool. The length of the handle and the weight of the head will affect the balance and control of the axe. A longer handle will provide more leverage, but may be more difficult to control, while a shorter handle will be easier to control but will not provide as much leverage.

In addition, the handle material is also an important factor to consider. A wooden handle is traditional and comfortable to hold, but it can become loose over time. A fiberglass or composite handle will be more durable but may not be as comfortable to hold. The handle material should be light weight and easy to grip, it should also be able to absorb the shock of the axe’s impact.

It’s also important to maintain your double bit axe to keep it in good condition. This includes sharpening the blades regularly, cleaning the axe after use, and storing it in a dry place to prevent rust. Before using your axe, make sure to inspect it for any signs of damage or wear and tear. A damaged axe can be dangerous to use and can result in injury.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a double bit axe is the quality of the head. The best double bit axes are made with high-quality steel that is heat-treated for added strength and durability. The head should be securely attached to the handle and should not have any wobbling or looseness.

When purchasing a double bit axe, it’s also a good idea to look for one with a warranty. This will give you peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong with the axe, you can get it repaired or replaced.


In conclusion, a double bit axe is a versatile and durable tool that is used for felling trees, chopping and splitting logs, and other woodworking tasks. Its unique design allows for a longer lifespan, and its size and weight can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the user. With proper maintenance, a double bit axe can last for many years, making it a valuable investment for any professional.

When purchasing a double bit axe, make sure to consider the size and weight of the tool, the handle material and its maintenance. Also, look for an axe made with high-quality steel, securely attached to the handle, and with a warranty. With the right double bit axe, you’ll be able to tackle any task with confidence and efficiency.

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