How Long Axe Throwing Takes

If you are going axe throwing for the first time, or maybe you just signed up for your axe throwing league, you might be wondering. How long does axe throwing actually take? I’m here to help answer that question, so you know exactly what to expect and how to plan your day around axe throwing.

There are a lot of different factors that affect how long axe throwing will take. Like the size of your group or if you are throwing in a league vs throwing in a one-hour lane rental.

How long is an axe throwing session at a venue?

For a smaller group of 5 or less, axe throwing normally lasts about 1 hour at most venues, although depending on the time of day and how busy they are you might be able to get a bit longer. For larger groups, 6+ axe throwing will take about 2 hours. This can depend on the venue but these times seem to be relatively standard for most venues I’ve been to with friends.

How long does axe throwing league take?

An axe throwing league generally takes between 2-3 hours with each individual throwing 4 matches a night. There is also a 1-hour warm-up period where you can get there and throw around to prepare for your matches that night. These times are also assuming that the league is around 20-30 people, anything larger than that, and it might take even longer.

Leagues can also be slowed down by things like board swaps which happen when the target is too chewed up and needs to be replaced.

How long are individual axe throwing matches?

One full axe throwing match is made up of 3 rounds, 5 throws each, and 15 throws total. Individual axe throwing matches tend to be quick at around 10 minutes long. That does depend on how quickly each thrower is and if the match goes into overtime, where additional big axe throws are made.

Those numbers are also just for standard league matches. If you are in playoffs or a tournament you can have anywhere from 3 rounds up to a best of 7 rounds. I’ve even witnessed a championship match last 30 minutes because every single round tied and went to big axe.

How long should you book when going axe throwing?

If you are going with a smaller group, then 1 hour should be plenty of time to get warmed up, figure out your form, make some improvements, and play several games. I don’t think you need much longer than 1 hour if there are only 4 or 5 of you. The last time I went axe throwing with a group, it was a double date, and we were able to get through the safety walkthrough, basic throwing lessons from an axe throwing coach, then play multiple games against each other and a tournament. Once we finished the tournament, we even had enough time to try out some trick throws and challenge our axe throwing coach.

How to get the most time actually throwing

I’ve mentioned this, but how much throwing you actually get to do depends on how big your group is, the smaller the group the more you will be able to throw. If you want to throw as much as possible, just don’t be surprised that all venues will have a safety walk through to make sure you don’t get injured while throwing axes. These safety explanations generally take 5 to 10 minutes. But you can start these earlier if all the members of your party arrive earlier at the venue, then you won’t cut into your time axe throwing.

When you are throwing axes at a venue, you will need to fill out a waiver. Some venues allow you to fill out the waiver online before going to the physical location. If you want to jump right into axe throwing, I recommend filling out the waiver online and submitting it, so you don’t have to sign paperwork when you arrive. Plus, you can easily do it on your phone while heading to the venue quickly so why not get it out of the way earlier.

I’ve seen it so many times it’s a couples night, a double date, and someone decided to wear open-toed shoes to dinner. For dinner, that footwear choice might be great, but for axe throwing, it is not going to be a good time since you are risking your toes. Luckily the axe throwing venue is prepared for this and has some truly stylish crocs waiting for you to use to bring that outfit together. That does mean, however, while you are trying out the footwear of the future, your group is just waiting around while you find the right fit, like axe throwing Cinderalla. So I implore you, please wear the right footwear.

A quick summary of my points here:

  1. Get there a few minutes early
  2. Have your waivers already filled out online
  3. Wear the proper axe throwing outfit


Axe throwing is a great time, and with a little bit of planning, you can make sure that your group has the best possible time. Make sure to get there early, have your waiver already filled out, and wear the proper footwear. With those three steps, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an axe throwing champion in no time!

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