What to wear when you go axe throwing!

In our blog post today I am going to answer the question what to wear axe throwing. When picking your axe throwing outfit you need to make sure you are safe as well as looking good. I am oing to walk you threw each aspect of what to wear from your feet to your head.

Let’s start out with the most important axe throwing outfit choice.

Wear Closed Toe Shoes or Footwear

As any experienced axe thrower knows, closed toe shoes are essential for safety and fun more than having the best throwing axe. Open toe shoes will leave you vulnerable to potential injuries. That’s why most axe throwing venue requires closed toe shoes and won’t allow you to wear open toe shoes – to help keep everyone safe. But closed toe shoes aren’t just important for safety; they can also help you throw better.

The right footwear can provide the stability and grip you need to for deliver a perfect axe throwing motion. Imagine slipping while throwing an axe doesn’t sound like a good time does it? So if you’re looking to keep all of your toes, be sure to wear a good pair of closed toe shoes. With the right footwear, you’ll be on your way to becoming a master axe thrower with feet intact in no time.

There are axe throwing rules at most venues that will prevent you from throwing axes if you wear heels or any footwear that isn’t closed toed shoes. Beyond that feel free to throw on casual shoes for axe throwing. So please if you get anything out of what to wear axe throwing it’s that wear CLOSED TOED SHOES and you will have a great axe throwing experience.

Pants and Legs

Pants and shorts are both acceptable for your axe throwing outfit. Pants can help to protect your skin from wood chips or splinters, but shorts will not affect your performance or mess you up wil throwing axes. Some people prefer to wear pants because they feel more comfortable or protected, but ultimately it is up to the individual. Personally, if it’s cold out I wear pants and if it’s hot out I wear shorts. It’s a pretty simple system but I think it works out pretty well in the end, feel free to use it.

Tops and Shirts

When it comes to axe throwing, having a full range of motion is key to sticking those axes. That’s why wearing a shirt or top that is flexible and not stiff is going to be helpful. You want to avoid shirts like stiff dress shirts or layers that might restrict your movement with an overhand throw. So we don’t recommend a full suit although if you wear a full suit and can hit clutches I’m sure you’ll earn a lot of axe throwing street cred. Instead of the full suit, go for something that will allow you to move freely like a comfortable shirt or t-shirt. And of course, flannel always looks good with an axe in hand!

Hair and hats

When it comes to axe throwing, there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to your hair and hats. First of all, if you have long hair, it’s probably best to keep it back so that you don’t accidentally get in your way or give yourself an accidental haircut. It can be distracting to have hair in your face blocking your vision when you are trying to hit bullseye. What are the chances you seriously hurt yourself because you had long hair flowing while you threw axes? Realistically low but do you really need additional distractions when you are throwing an axe anyway?

Wearing a hat is also totally fine and can actually be quite helpful in keeping your hair out of your face. Many people find that hats help them to focus and stay in the moment when they’re throwing axes like a horse with a single verticle blinder (yeah it isn’t a great metaphor but it’s the best I got.) So whatever you do, just make sure that you’re comfortable and able to focus on the task at hand. Hair and hats should never get in the way of a good time.

Accessories & Jewelry

accessories and jewelry are fine when axe throwing but be careful not to wear anything too loose that could get caught in your motion when you throw your axes like long necklaces or hoop earrings. The key is to be safe and have fun! So go forth and accessories to your heart’s content – just be mindful of what you’re wearing. Happy throwing!

What to wear axe throwing final notes

One last time just in case you weren’t paying attention WEAR CLOSED TOE SHOES OR FOOTWEAR! Classic casual shoes are fine as long as they are closed toe shoes.

So there you have it! Now that you know what to wear when axe throwing, you’re one step closer to becoming a master of the sport. Be sure to dress for comfort and safety, and most importantly, have fun! Wear comfortable clothes if you want as long as your overall axe throwing experience is safe then feel free to express yourself however you want. I’ve found axe throwers to be some of the coolest and most accepting people as long as you aren’t wearing flip flops you are good.

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