What is Axe Throwing and What To Expect

What is Axe Throwing?

Axe throwing is a sport in which competitors throw an axe at a target that is made out of wood. The object of the game is to stick the axe in the target. Depending on where you stick your axe you receive points such as 5 points for a bullseye. Generally, axe throwing matches consist of 3 rounds. Each round has 5 throws with the objective to have more points then your opponent by the end of the round. To win the game, you must win 2 rounds out of 3.

What are major axe throwing organizations

There is two major axe throwing organizations the IATF, formally the NATL, and WATL. If you are interested, we have a blog all about the differences between IATF and WATL. Both organizations have slightly different scoring systems, but they both hold major events & tournaments with prize pools.

How does scoring work for axe throwing?

For the IATF the target consists of 3 rings, the blue 1-point ring, the red 3-point ring, and the black bullseye worth 5 points. There are also green circles in the top right and left corners called clutches that are worth 7 points. Clutches are only available on the 5th and final throw of a match.

For WATL the further in the target you get the more points you score increasing by 1 for each ring, starting at 1 the rings increase in point value to 2 points, 3 points, 4 points, 5 points, and 6 points for the bullseye. They also have special spots you can hit for 8 points, but like Babe Ruth, you have to call your shot.

There are plenty of fun axe throwing game variations you can play to spice it up, but these are the main two scoring systems

Do you need a waiver for axe throwing?

Yes, you do need to sign a waiver for all legitimate axe throwing venues. I have never heard of an axe throwing venue not having a waiver be a mandatory part of throwing there. It is normally very quick and easy to fill out, but it legally protects the venue from chronically stupid people. The longest I’ve ever had one take to fill out in five minutes and that was my first time, and I actually read the whole document. Most venues will let you fill them out online before you go to the physical location, meaning you don’t have to waste any time while you are there, which is convenient.

Booking an Axe Throwing Venue

Most venues make it easy to book times with them through their website with an automated scheduling calendar, so you don’t even need to talk on the phone. If you are having trouble, you can always look up the phone number and give them a quick call to check availability and book a time for your group.

I highly recommend you don’t try to be a walk-in for getting an axe throwing time slot because it is axe throwing is popular, and you likely won’t be able to get a time slot.

For large groups or events, generally, you need to call if you need special accommodations just to be able to confirm they are acceptable with a real person.

Axe throwing coaching

If you are an axe throwing beginner, don’t worry all axe throwing venues I’ve ever been to offer axe throwing coaching with any time slot. This is so you can have as much fun as possible and to be safe while throwing. So no need to be anxious you will have someone there to help you out.

Food & Drinks

Make sure you check with venues on their food and drink policies since they differ from location to location. I’ve been to locations that allow BYOB, including wine and hard alcohol. I’ve been to venues that don’t allow any outside drinks but have a full bar. Make sure you check so you can plan appropriately.

Love Axe Throwing? Join a League

There are hundreds of axe throwing leagues filled with people of all skill levels, from beginners to world champions and everything in between. The best part is this community is very accepting, and everyone is always ready to lend a helping hand. I’ve had some of the best throwers in the world stay after leagues to give me pointers and axe throwing tips when I was just a newbie.

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