Is Axe Throwing a Good First Date

Axe throwing is a great first date idea! It’s an activity that gives you something to talk about, which can help you bond as you try something new together; it is also a public place that serves drinks so you can loosen up. Most importantly, you get a good chance to see how your date reacts to competition. Are they over the top, or are they fun? That is exactly why axe throwing is the perfect date night.

Bonding activity

Studies have shown that having a shared experience is great for creating a bond with people romantically and creating friendships. Being able to be present as you try something new together is a great sign that someone is adventurous and fun. Personally, something like axe throwing is a great date idea and a green flag for a first date or any date night in general.

There is downtime to talk and get to know each other

A lot of people for first dates do things like movies (a bland but reliable date night). Don’t get me wrong, movies are a classic date night idea, but you don’t really have time to have a conversation and get to know each other until the movie is done. With axe throwing as a first date, you have a chance to talk before, during, and after the activity. It feels more natural if you want to be flirty and playful you can talk smack while you throw or make bets on who has to buy drinks. It really just gives you a chance to show your humorous and playful side with some healthy competition.

Great way to break the ice & something to talk about

Having time to talk is great, but if you don’t have something to talk about it can get real awkward real fast. That’s where having an activity like axe throwing is great for a date night. You can make jokes about how you are throwing and celebrate together when you finally hit a bullseye. It gives you a chance to smoothly break the ice by talking about how you are playing.

Drinks to help loosen you up

Every axe throwing venue I’ve been to serves alcohol (very important for date night), so if you finally asked out that crush and you need some liquid courage to actually get yourself un-tongue tied. Normally the drinks that are provided are good quality local beers, so you get to try something new and support local businesses.

Get a chance to see how they handle new challenges

This is one that I think is always good to see in a partner is how they react if they win or lose at something. Are they so competitive that they can’t have fun if they don’t lose? Did they lose and never stick an axe but laugh the whole time? These are all very helpful for you to know if you want a second date. All I’m saying is no one wants to deal with an adult who can’t have a good time at something they aren’t the best at!

Public place

For first dates or times where you are meeting someone for the first time, it is always good to be in a public space with others around just in case the date goes south quick. You will have staff and other throwers there that will be able to help you get out of an awkward or uncomfortable situation.

A Few Axe Throwing Date Night Tips

  • Axe throwing makes for a memorable date night but you need to make sure you wear the right axe throwing outfit and make sure you wear closed toe shoes. I will say it again WEAR CLOSED TOE SHOES.
  • Pick a quality axe throwing place that teaches you how to throw axes. Most axe throwing venues have coaches that will teach you how to throw an axe so it stays a safe environment for everyone.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. We know when it comes to date nights you want to look great but remember you are still throwing an axe so it’s best to wear something you can move in so no 3 piece suits or high heels.
  • Have fun! An axe throwing date is all about having fun with a person while trying something new.
  • Always encourage each other. When trying new things like axe throwing it can be so much fun but it can also be very difficult so be ready to celebrate the wins and loses together. (don’t be a sore loser)


Axe throwing can be a great date idea because it is a fun and challenging activity that provides opportunities for conversation and getting to know each other. It is also in a public place, so it can be a low-stress way to spend time together. If you decide that this is something you and your date want to do more often you could even consider getting a throwing axe of your own! So if you are looking for good date ideas consider axe throwing for your next date night or first date. If you are interested check out our blog post on good throwing axes here.

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