Best Throwing Axe Sets For Sale

Are you looking for the best throwing axe set on the market today? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re an expert in outdoor sports or a novice trying your hand at axe throwing, having the right equipment and the best throwing axes is essential. We’ve rounded up some of the top-rated axe throwing sets available online, so that you can focus less on shopping and more on honing your skills. Keep reading to explore different options and find out which one is perfect for your needs!

If you don't want a customized throwing axe then you are better off finding a good quality throwing axe and buying them in bulk.

Editors Choice

#1 Overall

Axe Throwing Set

Vaughn Hammerback Throwing Axe Set

This axe throwing set is perfect for gifts and gives you the option to choose between multiple different high quality throwing axes. 

  • Multiple axe types to choice from
  • Customizable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great for gifts


Metal Axe Set

7 metal throwing axe set

This Mtech 11 axe throwing set offers customized engraving on the blades and handles at an affordable price it also includes axe sheaths.

  • Customizable
  • Come with a nylon sheath
  • Don't fit competitive standards
  • Great for gifts


Viking Axe Set

3 axe throwing set

This 3 viking axe throwing set offers customizable bearded axes with unique designs and leather handle straps that give it a unique look.

  • Unique viking look
  • Carbon steel axe
  • Does fit competitive standards
  • Unique gift idea

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#1. Customizable Throwing Axe Set

Vaughn Hammerback Throwing Axe Set
Flying Fox Axe Throwing Set


Looking for a unique and personal gift for your groomsman, retiree, anniversary celebrant, or firefighter? These custom-designed and hand-engraved short throwing axes/hatchets are a my top choice is you are looking for the best throwing axes in a set. Customized to include the text, font, logo, or image of your choice, these axes are a great starting point for a group of people who throw axes.

What makes these unique is you can order from multiple different types of throwing axes but the two stand out are the vaugh hammerback and flying fox axe heads. Both the vaugh hammerback and flying fox axes are considered to be good competitive throwing axe choices. I've personally used both in national axe throwing federation axe throwing competitions.

Axe Specifications

There are a couple of different options you can choose from this axe throwing set so we are going to detail each of the throwing axes below:

Vaughan 13" Throwing Axe:

  • Vaughan 13-in Wood Handle Carpenter's Half Hatchet (or equivalent)
  • Full polished head. 3-1/2" cut; hickory handle. A fine, standard weight tool for construction trades or handyman.
  • 13" Hatchet with Sheath: Half Hatchet with Made in USA Leather Sheath Light brown Head Cover. These have a snap closure and slots for belt.

Flying Fox Throwing Axe:

  • Flying Fox Throwing Axe - Council Sport Utility Flying Fox Woodsman Hatchet
  • Flying Fox Woodsman Hatchet: The same axe used by the 2019 and 2020 winners of the World Axe Throwing League Championship. So they are used by professional axe throwers.
  • Multi-use camp hatchet also meets specifications for competitive throwing in both major urban axe throwing organizations like the world axe throwing league and national axe throwing federation. The hardened poll can be used as a hammer to drive nails and spikes; also useful in construction and demolition. 1 lb. 11 oz. head, 3-7/8˝ bit, 16˝ hickory handle. Made in USA.

#2. Throwing Axe Set of 7 Custom Engraved Hatchets

7 metal throwing axe set


This axe throwing set of 7 metal axes and sheathers is a good option for someone who wants to get an outdoor gift for a group of friends. It is important to note that these axes cannot be used for competitive axe throwing because the blade length is too short. So they are not the best throwing axes for competitive throwers. However, you can still enjoy these by throwing them against an axe throwing target if you are looking for a gift for axe throwing enthusiasts that aren't going to be competition throwing then these are solid.

A big plus with this set is that the price for these is pretty reasonable, especially since you get sheathes to hover the axe blade included with these throwing axes.

They also offer sets of axes from 1 to 5 if you don't want a set of 7.

Axe Specifications

  • Total Length 9.5"
  • Blade Length - 2.5" Sharpened Edge
  • Axe Head - 4.5"
  • Blade Material - 440 Stainless Steel
  • Handle - Black G10 Handle with machined holes, pry bar at end of Handle
  • Sheath - Nylon

#3. Viking 3 Pack Throwing Axe Set

3 axe throwing set


Pack of 3 Viking Axe Handmade Damascus Throwing Axes are forged with high quality Corban steel and feature custom bronze designs, known as Bearded Viking Throwing Axes. Each axe head is also adorned with etchings, engravings, and carvings for a truly unique look. The handle of each axe is crafted from ashwood with a rosewood tree, while the handle is treated with oil.

Unfortunately due to their weight they throwing axes are not within the world axe throwing league standards. So while they are cool, they aren't competition throwing axes.

Axe Specifications

  • Axe Blade - 3.0“
  • Handle Length – 15.0“
  • Overall Length – 15.0“
  • Blade Width - 3.5"
  • Weight – 2.0kg

#4. Personalized Mtech Throwing Axe Set

Axe throwing set of 11 custom axes


These Personalized Mtech throwing axes come in a set of 11. You can customize the wooden handles through engraving, making them a solid gift for anyone looking to purchase personalized throwing axes or throwing tomahawk sets.

They offer throwing tomahawk sets from a single one up to 12.

Axe Specifications
  • 9" Overall, One Piece, Full Tang Construction.
  • Black 440 Stainless Steel with Wood Handle Onlays.
  • Axe heads are 4.5" from Front to Back.
  • Includes Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop.
  • Axe is fully functional and laser engraved.

#5. Personalized Viking Axe Throwing Set

Personalized Viking Axe Throwing Set


This axe throwing set is one of the coolest on this list. This axe is perfect for both outdoor excursions and cabin life. Its head is engraved with a Vegvisir (viking compass) as well as small Celtic knots from both sides, and it is hand-forged with traditional blacksmith methods using carbon steel. This steel has been heated multiple times to increase its density and resistance, allowing it to be durable even in the rugged wilderness. It can also be worn on a belt for easy access, making it an ideal companion for your hikes and camping trips or for gathering kindling at the cabin. The axe comes with a wooden stump to prevent any damage from being stored inside a backpack.

The downside of these axes are because of the customized end of the handle they can actually be very difficult to throw accurately because you hand can get caught on the design.

Axe Specifications

  • Length of the handle (made of beech): 38 cm (14.97")
  • Length of the axe head: 15 cm (5.91")
  • Working length of the blade: 10 cm (3.94")
  • Net weight: 0.6 kg (1.32 lbs)

There might be some minor unevenness in the axe head drawing due to hand work.


We hope you found this article on the best throwing axes you can purchase in a set helpful. We create a ton of content about throwing axes, throwing tomahawks, and tactical throwing axes in the hopes that you make a better more informed decision when buying so you don't get scammed into buy something crappy like most throwing axes out there are.

We hope our reviews help you to continue to find the top notch throwing axes and stay away from most "throwing axes" that are garbage manufactured for cheap.

Throwing axes has become a passion of mine and I hope you would consider to continue to support this amazing niche hobby. Thank you and keep you throwing axes sharp.

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