Axe Trophy Ideas for Axe Throwing Tournaments

If you’ve ever participated in an axe throwing tournament, you know that the competition can be fierce. But you would do anything to win that beautiful trophy. But what if you go through all of that trouble and finally pull off a win, and end up with a lame trophy or no trophy at all? (the horror) So in this blog, we will review some of the best axe trophy ideas to ensure you can make an axe trophy that will stand out from the rest.

Go to a second-hand store and buy a trophy

I’ve always thought repurposed trophies are the funniest thing. If you want to have a unique trophy and save some money, go to your local Goodwill or second-hand store and buy a cheap trophy. Replace whatever they are holding like a tennis racket with an axe and boom, you have yourself a beautiful and hilarious axe throwing trophy.

There are some pretty hilarious ways you can customize these goodwill trophies.


I don’t know how many golf trophies are at goodwill, but they are normally dirt cheap. You can buy this for only a few dollars, maybe even less. Then you just need to change out the plaque. Depending on the level of effort you want to use, you can either put a sticky note over it, or you can go get a new plaque. Suddenly boom, you went from a golf trophy to a dapper lumberjack trophy for axe throwing.


A tennis trophy where the figure is serving the ball would be a great choice to switch out a tennis racket for an axe. This will just make it look like an epic wind-up for a throw. Similar to how I suggested you handle the golf trophy you can easily do the same with tennis. Swap out the plaques and names, change what the figure is holding, and you are ready to go.


This is my last goodwill example I’ll highlight only because I think a bowling trophy is perfect for an underhand axe throwing tournament trophy. It will just look like the figure has a truly epic pose.

Use a Throwing Axe

If you really want a good axe throwing trophy, then it’s not too hard or expensive to use a cheap throwing axe as a trophy. Just get a cheap axe and spray paint it gold, silver, and bronze and you have perfectly themed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies.

Use a Board or Target

Using an axe throwing board as your axe throwing trophy is easy and cheap. If you already have a target, then you can simply use your replacement board and have everyone in your axe throwing league write their names and a note on it, and you have an awesome, highly personalized axe throwing trophy.

Wrestling Belt

This one is a bit more expensive, but if you are looking for an over-the-top amazing trophy, then this is it. You can buy a replica WWE belt and then replace the WWE logo with your axe throwing league’s logo. This would be an amazing addition to any room and would look great on any mantle.

If you really want to you can easily buy a custom trophy

By far, the lamest of these options is just buying a regular old trophy. You can do this, but it’s not going to be nearly as cool or unique as any of the other options on this list. Plus, it’s just kind of boring. So I would recommend avoiding this option if at all possible.

Why would you even want a trophy?

A trophy is a tangible reminder of an accomplishment. It’s a physical representation of hard work, dedication, and success. And it’s a decoration that says “I’m the best” or “I did something amazing.” Trophies are often given out as prizes in competitions or awarded to someone who has achieved something great. They can be anything from a small medal to a large statue.

People often display trophies in their homes or office to show off their accomplishments. Some people even have entire rooms dedicated to their collection of trophies. Others choose to keep them in a safe place so they can always look back on their achievements with pride.

No matter what the purpose, trophies are a way to celebrate success and commemorate an accomplishment. If you run an axe throwing league and you don’t have a trophy, I think you are really missing out on a great opportunity to reward some of the throwers that show up every week and support your business.


Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to create a truly epic axe throwing trophy for your next tournament. Whether you go with one of these ideas or come up with something entirely different, make sure your trophy is something that everyone will be jealous of. If you are looking for the best axe for throwing to give yourself a chance at winning a trophy, then check out our reviews!

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